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Fence Installation Company Santa Ana CA

If you have recently purchased a new home or property in Santa Ana, or if you have been thinking about doing renovations soon, your best choice for a quality fence installation contractor is to go with Master Santa Ana Fence Builders! We have been working in Orange County to bring homeowners and business owners high-quality contractors for all the fences, gates, and railings they need. Our excellent fence contractors have gained amazing Google reviews by our previous clients they worked with. We are able to provide superior customer service to those in the Santa Ana area by putting the clients first in priority. We simply bring you the most value possible at very competitive rates that are sure to beat out the rest of the companies doing the same work in the area. There are no other fence building experts like us. Not only do we focus on all the different needs that our clients have, but we also make sure to construct their ideas using only the highest quality materials we can find. There is no use going to a company that will promise you a better price but then gives you lower-quality materials. Instead of hiring someone who will cut corners to increase their profit, you should choose Master Santa Ana Fence Builders to build your perfect fence. We will never cut corners and provide you subpar materials for your fence. Doing so can result in many different problems down the road.

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Even if the fence looks good, that doesn’t mean that it was properly installed to withstand severe weather like how our fences are built. If you have to repair your fence in the future, then you end up losing a whole lot of money that you could have saved by just building your fence the right way, to begin with. If you value your home or business, then you should always pick us as your expert fence contractors. We are here for our client for the long run. For us to be successful, we must have a history of doing right by the customers. The more people we satisfy, the bigger and more meaningful our name becomes. So, let us show you why you should pick us as your professional fence builders. We are 100% sure that you will be satisfied. Which is why we guarantee that our fences will be properly installed whenever we take on a job.

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Santa Ana Fence Installation Experts

In the beautiful Golden State resides some very diverse groups of people. Every new customer that we get is treated uniquely because we understand that everyone has their own vision of what their ideal fence should look like. We are experts in building and consulting people for fences, gates, and railings. However, we make sure to listen very closely to those we work with. Your opinion is very important to us even if it is not as informed and experienced as ours. The reason for this is that you are the one who has to live with the end result we construct. So this would mean that regardless of what we think looks good on your property, at the end of the day it is your property and you should choose what it looks like if you want to own a fence that you are actually happy with for a long time. It is this long term approach that has been able to guide us towards achieving our excellent customer support as well as all of our good reviews.

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Santa Ana Residential & Commercial Fencing Services

There is a fence for every need, and we can accommodate for even the wildest needs you might have. Master Santa Ana Fence Builders has access to many different materials you can choose from for your perfect fence. Most people don’t have any specific needs for design when they ask us to build them a fence, but for those who have something in mind already, we are able to put those ideas into reality by communicating with you during a consultation and making sure to note all your opinions. Not everyone has the fence expertise that our contractors are known for. So it is ok if you are not sure what material your fence should be made with. You should consider the price differences as well as the added benefits that are brought by different materials. For example, it is fine if you think you need a wood fence, but you may be surprised to find out the differences that you can enjoy with something like PVC or Vinyl to give you more privacy. If you are trying to build a fence in a spot with high humidity or moisture, it may make sense to choose something better than wood for the sake of longevity. There are many differences to note when choosing the right material, which is why we have all the right fence installation experts to guide you along the process of crafting your perfect fence.

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Our clients are actually a very diverse group of people. We have worked with the most simple projects for residential use, to the most complicated large fences that needed to be made for a commercial business. Our fences are no doubt the highest quality fences for businesses in Santa Ana. There are simply no other fence contractors in Santa Ana that can match our level of expertise, professionalism, and productivity. Our top-rated commercial fence installation contractors are focused on delivering service at a higher standard than what the industry has to offer. Our competitors know that it is not easy to work as hard as we do, which is why you may be able to find others who try to price match us and promise a lower price. However, business owners know the importance of proper construction work for the sake of longevity. So we have had no issues competing for our commercial clients. If you own a business and need a fence or enclosure, you should always pick us because you can count on our expert fence contractors to build you something that you will be completely satisfied with for a long time. Don’t hire a different contractor that doesn’t put as much effort as we do, it could end up costing your business more money that could be better invested in your endeavors. Whether you are looking for a beautiful fence for your home, or a highly secured perimeter for your business, there is no better choice than Master Santa Ana Fence Builders!

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Custom Fences in Santa Ana

Not every fence in the area was built by us. Although we wish we did because of all the repair work we have done in the area. Orange County is home to many different kinds of residents and business owners. They all have different needs and different budgets to work with, but we are able to provide them with our services no matter who they are. Unfortunately, we have had to do many repairs in the past to fences made by different contractors who just simply didn’t do the job properly. Those clients are usually the ones who are forced to have to pay more for a repair instead of just having us build them the fence in the first place. We are perfectly fine with coming in to fix the errors that other contractors made because our contractors are able to do plenty of custom work for even designs that we haven’t used before. No matter what the issue is with your fence, you can be sure that we will be able to provide you with a high-quality repair at a price so low you may wish you called us way sooner! In addition to fixing fences, we can also restore automatic gates and balcony railings. Whatever your need is for your home or business, you can trust us to do the best job and get it done sooner than you would think.

Why Choose Us?

If you still aren’t sure why we are the number one fence install experts in Santa Ana, then you should read the following reasons below. We always strive to provide more value for our clients, and we think that you would love to work with a fence builder that cares about you!

  1. Nothing is more annoying than having a contractor that isn’t on time, or that will take shortcuts to finish the job quicker. At Santa Ana Fence Builders, we guarantee that the job will be done right and at the proper amount of time that it should take.
  2. We have worked with many clients in the past and they all appreciate our level of advanced communication and professionalism. When we give you a quote or estimate, we will always try our best to meet it or beat it!
  3. Quite simply, we have the best prices in Orange County for fence installation or fence repair services. We are highly competitive with our pricing because we always try to give you more bang for your buck!
Santa Ana Fence installation

We are able to provide our services for the entire Santa Ana area because of our location. Our fence experts can drive out to you depending on the time you set on our schedule. Once we arrive, we can explain to you all of the different options that you have for the fence project that you are thinking about. This makes it super convenient to ask all your questions and obtain an estimate for our work.

After consulting with the fence contractor, you will have enough information to make a proper decision for your fence.

Santa Ana is home to many residents who are in need of a great new fence. Whether you are in town for a visit, or you are a local, there are many areas that most could agree would be even nicer looking if it had a new fence. For example, the Angels Community Park has lots of opportunity to spruce things up by upgrading the material of their fences to something more elaborate or longer lasting. As opposed to just a fence that looks great, we can also build larger commercial use fences. Such as a large chain link fence like something that the Orange County Sheriff's Department would use around certain outer areas.


Underneath are some directions from noteworthy local spots:

Directions from Santa Ana High School: Head south on N Broadway toward W 1st St. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto W 1st St. Turn left onto S Flower St. Continue straight to stay on S Flower St.
Turn left onto W Walnut St. Continue straight Destination will be on the right

Directions from Orange County Courthouse: Head north on N Broadway toward W 2nd St.
Turn right onto W Civic Center Dr.
Turn right.

Directions from the Santa Ana Public Library: Head north on N Broadway toward W 2nd St. Turn left onto W Civic Center Dr.